Services & Rates

We do not charge additional fees for multiple pets or extra tasks, everything listed in the service description is included in the price of the visit you choose!

Any vacation reservation of 7+ days receives a 10% discount. Schedule 4 or more dog walks, potty breaks or pet taxi rides in a week and receive 10% off!


Home Visits

During our home visits we will take care of feeding, refreshing water, medication, walking, playtime, yard clean up, litter box cleaning, and give lots of love and attention! We will also bring in any mail, newspaper or packages that arrive while you’re gone, as well as take the garbage to the curb and water plants for you!

15 minute visit - $15

30 minute visit - $20

45 minute visit - $25

60 minute visit - $30


Extended Stay

Our extended stay is great for those whose pets need a little more time. This visit ensures your pets get plenty of attention while you’re away. This is supplemented with additional visits throughout the day to ensure all your pets’ needs are met!

2 hours - $50

3 hours - $70


Overnight Care

Overnight care includes any or all of our regular services during a nine or twelve hour period overnight in your home. This service is great if you do not want your pets alone overnight. This will include the bedtime visit through the morning visit, giving us plenty of time with your precious pets. Overnight care is supplemented with daytime visits to ensure all their needs are met!

9 hours - $80

12 hours - $110


Home Stay

Home stays are a specialized service for those who want the “live in” feel that your pets have when you are home with them. This service is 16 total hours in your home, including overnight. The sitter will be there at feeding times and stick to the pets’ normal routine! The sitter will not be gone for more than 4 hours at a time, and no more than 8 hours total. This is great for pets with separation anxiety, or anyone who wants their pets to have company most of the day! Due to the nature of this service, availability is limited, so make sure to reach out with plenty of time.

16 hours - $150


Dog Walking

Our dog walking services are a great way to make sure your dog’s exercise needs are met. We will come to your house and walk them in your neighborhood. Your pup will be tired and happy after a walk with us, leaving you time to take care of other tasks! You can schedule a recurring walk or it can be as needed!

15 minute walk - $15

30 minute walk - $20

45 minute walk - $25

60 minute walk - $30


Potty Breaks

Our potty break visit is great for those who have long work days, or will be gone for a long period of time, and need their dog(s) to be let outside! We will stop by and make sure they have a chance to get outside, stretch their legs, and go potty, so you don’t have to worry!

15 minute visit - $15

30 minute visit - $20


Puppy Package

Did you just bring home an adorable puppy and can’t be home with them all day? We are here to help! Not only will your puppy need consistent potty breaks, they will also need help with potty training, basic commands, feeding, refreshing water, and more! Our puppy package provides these services at a discount rate when you commit to a regular schedule.

Recommended for 2-6 months: two 30 minute visits per day - $32

*20% discount applied when paid in advance*


Pet Taxi

We will transport your pets to and from their appointments if you are unable to!

0-15 minutes - $15

16-30 minutes - $20

31-45 minutes - $25

46-60 minutes - $30

61-90 minutes - $35