Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I use Lots of Love Pet Care, LLC rather than board my pet?

In home pet care is a fantastic alternative to boarding your animals. It can reduce stress caused by being in an unfamiliar environment. It eliminates the need to transport to and from a boarding facility, which usually has short time frames for you to do so. Your pet’s routine should be as consistent as possible and having Lots of Love come to your home is the next best thing to having you there!

I’m not very comfortable with somebody I don’t know coming into my home. How do I know they can be trusted?

All of our pet sitters have passed a background check and go through one month of shadowing with Emily (owner) and a three month trial period to ensure they are a good fit. Once they are trained they still undergo random drop ins from Emily to ensure they are always following all policies and procedures. We strive to find the best, responsible, and honest sitters and spend a lot of time choosing the right candidate for the job.

What do I do if I’m ready to book Lots of Love Pet Care, LLC?

You may either call, text, email, or message our Facebook page to set up the meet and greet.

How do I prepare for the meet and greet?

To be ready for the meet and greet we ask that you have a copy of your key made. You should also be ready to make a deposit on the services you schedule, which is half of the total. We will also send you an activation link to your client portal where you will enter the required information before we meet.

How do you handle our keys?

We use key lockboxes that remain at your property. The lockbox stores the key and can either be on your doorknob or hidden where you choose. We use lockboxes to keep your keys safe from being lost or misplaced. This also enables us to give access to the primary and secondary sitters instead of exchanging keys or having multiple keys. Another benefit is if something were to happen to your sitter, the emergency backup sitter would still be able to get in to care for the pets. You will know the code and can use it yourself if need be. You may choose not to provide a key and instead use a garage or door code. We can use those but if they malfunction you will be charged for the locksmith to get inside, as our top priority is to provide consistent care for your pets.

I live in a secure building, how is that handled?

This would be the only situation in which we will keep keys on file. When not in use, they are in a key lockbox at Emily’s (owner) home.

How and when is payment received?

For pet sitting reservations, one half (½) payment is due within 24 hours of making the reservation, and the second half (½) of  payment is due on the first day of service. If extension of the contract occurs, full payment of remaining balance will be due within three (3) days of Client returning home. Late fees may apply when payment is past due greater than five days.

For recurring dog walk visits or midday potty breaks, you will be invoiced weekly and it is due every Friday.

You can pay by cash, check, or online with a bank account or credit card.

May I give my pet sitter / dog walker a gratuity?

Absolutely. We much prefer you to leave cash for your sitter at your home and leave a note so they are aware it is for them. Gift cards are also a great idea and appreciated. You may add a gratuity to your bill but taxes will have to be taken out and be reported.

Do you have a referral program?

YES! Every client who refers a new client will receive a free walk or visit when the new client books their reservation.

Are there any extra charges for holiday care?

There is a $5 fee per visit on Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Year’s Day. This ensures our sitters are properly compensated for working on a holiday.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations may be made up to one (1) week in advance of your scheduled service. If cancellation occurs with in that time frame, FULL deposit will be credited to your account. If cancelling within one week of scheduled visit, Client is not eligible for any refund of original deposit, unless special circumstances are agreed to with LOLPC.

Lots of Love Pet Care, LLC reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the scheduled visits for services cancelled with less than 24 hours notice prior to the scheduled service.

Payment will not be refunded for your early return from booked dates. Our time is blocked to provide love and care to your furry family, restricting our ability to book time to care for others.

There is no cancellation fee for weekly recurring services, but we do ask for as much notice as possible.

How much notice do you usually need to book a sitting?

We prefer notice greater than 24 hours, if it is less than 24 hours before there will be a service fee of $10, unless otherwise agreed upon with Emily.

Is Lots of Love Pet Care, LLC bonded and insured?


How long have you been in business?

Lots of Love Pet Care, LLC was established in February 2018, although Emily (owner) has been pet sitting and caring for pets for many years beforehand.

How many sitters work for Lots of Love Pet Care?

Currently we have 5 part time sitters and Emily (owner) servicing the Siouxland area.

Will it be the same sitter for each visit?

Everyone has a primary sitter and a secondary sitter, we will do our best to stay within those two people, however if scheduling does not work out to have them, we may assign another sitter. Every sitter who does your visits will be trained at your house prior to arriving unless there is an emergency situation.

What type of animals does Lots of Love Pet Care, LLC sit?

We care for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles, frogs, and more. Please call to inquire even if your animal/pet is not listed.

What happens if my pet becomes sick or injured?

Lots of Love Pet Care will always attempt to call you before making any decisions, but if we cannot get ahold of you, we have an emergency vet release which allows us to take your pet to the vet. On the release, you specify the dollar amount that you are willing to spend without us hearing from you first. We will keep you informed and do as you instruct.

Will my pet be walked in extreme temperatures or weather?

If road and walking conditions become dangerous we will do all we can to ensure your pet(s) get out for a potty break and then resume regular walking schedules once the severe weather has passed.

What do you do in cases of extreme weather where driving conditions are compromised?

Lots of Love Pet Care will make reasonable efforts to maintain service during these conditions but we might have to adjust the schedule of service based on the sole discretion of Emily (owner).

Will you pick up after our pet(s)?

Your pet will be picked up after when on their walk and in the yard. We will also clean up after them if they get sick in your home.

Will your sitter have their own supplies to clean up after my pet(s)?

We will use the cleaning supplies, including bags for picking up or scooping waste, paper towels, carpet cleaner, etc. that you provide and already use for your pet. Please let us know any specific details for anything that will require special care, such as delicate or expensive carpets and rugs.

Can you give my pet medications?

We can administer most pills, injections, liquids, and topical medications to most pets.

What do you do on a visit?

Our pet sitting visits include: Feeding per your instructions, refresh the water, dogs walked, love and play time, litter box cleaned, medication given if needed, mail and newspaper brought in, plants watered, lights on and off, etc. and lots of love!

Do you always visit at the time we ask for?

We book your visits within a time frame of 2-3 hours and will be there during that time, unless a specific time is agreed upon, usually due to medication.

What hours do you provide services?

Pet Sitting and dog walking visits are generally between 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. Other times can be arranged. Overnight visits are also available from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.

Can I have every other day cat visits?

We feel all cats should be visited no less than once every 24 hours. This is for the health of your fur-baby. If you really feel you have a healthy cat, and prefer every other day visits, please talk to us on an individual basis.

Can you let me know how my pet is doing while I’m away?

Yes, absolutely. We will send visit report cards after every visit! We also upload pictures to our Facebook page and can be reached by all the normal methods;  call, text, Facebook message, etc.

I have never used an overnight pet sitter before; can you tell me a little bit about this service?

We offer overnight care for 9 or 12 hours, depending on what you choose. Overnight visits give you peace of mind of knowing that your home is being looked after as well as your pets getting lots of extra attention. If your pets are used to sleeping in your bed with you, we are happy to have them sleep in the bed with us too! This is supplemented with one or two visits throughout the day to meet their needs.

What happens if I did not leave enough food for my pet(s)?

We will notify you that there is not enough food so that you are aware and perhaps you have more food in another place in your home. If we do need to make a special trip to purchase food we will be glad to do so. There will be a charge for the length of time it takes to make this trip, plus the cost of the food. If an extra trip to your home is needed for an extra visit to feed your pets, that will be charged as well.

Please feel free to contact us for any other questions you might have!