In home pet care is a fantastic alternative to boarding your animals. It can reduce stress caused by being in an unfamiliar environment. It is convenient for you, your pets stay at home and you don’t have to worry about pick up or drop offs. Not only do we care for your pets, but we take care of your home, too. This keeps your home safe so no one knows you are away! We keep you updated and send visit reports throughout your reservation, keeping you informed every day.


Home Visits:

Each home visit includes any or all of our services provided for all of the animals in the home, at no additional cost.

  • Feeding

  • Fresh water

  • Administer medicine

  • Potty breaks

  • Walks

  • Playtime

  • Yard clean up

  • Litter box cleaned daily

  • Mail/newspaper/packages brought in

  • Take garbage to curb

  • Alternate lights

  • Water plants

Evening Stay:

Our evening stay is 3 hours in your home, from supper to bedtime. Evening stays paired with a morning visit will ensure your pets get plenty of care and attention while you’re away! This schedule is most similar to those who work daytime hours and your pets are used to you being home in the evening. You may also add a lunchtime visit if needed!

Overnight Care:

Overnight care includes any or all of our regular services during a nine hour period overnight in your home. This service is great if you do not want your pets alone overnight. The overnight visit is great because it includes the bedtime visit all the way through the morning visit. We will feed them, administer medicine, and take care of other tasks before we leave in the morning. Overnight care is supplemented with daytime visits to ensure all their needs are met.

Dog Walking:

Our dog walking services are a great way to make sure your dog’s exercise needs are met. You can schedule a recurring walk anywhere from once a week to several times a week, or it can be as needed!

Potty Breaks:

The potty break visit is great for those who have long work days, or will be gone for a long period of time, and need their dog(s) to be let outside! This service is strictly the potty break. If you need more than that- feeding, walking, etc.- then we would schedule a home visit for that!

Pet Taxi:

We will transport your pets to and from their appointments if you are unable to!

Check out our packages and discounts on our rates pages!


We will arrange to meet you and your pets for an initial consultation. You will have the opportunity to meet us, ask questions, and go over the details of the services needed. During the initial consultation we can discuss your normal routine and which visit will work best for your pets. We can also tailor a custom visit length depending on your needs. There is no cost for this consultation and it gives you and your pet a chance to get to know us before services begin.